The Woman In The Glass ©

 For Six Months The Woman In The Glass

Went From Room To Room Watching The Reflections

Of The Family She Once Knew.

Never Stop Searching Every Mirror In Every Room,

The Woman Cried All Alone In That House.

Begging For Something To Give, Not Take, Just Get Back From Her Past.

 Looking Out The Glass Waiting, Nothing Moves,

Only More Time Has Past. Now The Guilt.

She Can Remember He Was Yelling At Her So Much,

You Are Never Here. It Was Only Then When I Was Not Here.

 If You Had Looked Around You Would Have Seen My Reflection,

I Was There In All The Glass I Know This Because I Am Still Here,

 Waiting And Watching Though All The Windows Made Of Glass.

 A Vow To You To Never Break, She Yells Back Now.

She Would Never Leave, She Would Not Dare.

Forgiveness Is All The Woman Needs That Stares Back At Me.

Why Wont This Time Pass, She Cries Out,

Please Love Me. Please, So I Can Be. You Win, Come Back,

This Pain And Loneliness Has Almost Killed Me.

Test Me All Day, I Give Up.

 If Forgiveness Does Not Come Soon. My Reflection May Fade  way.

How Many More Unforgiving Nights,

Now Baring Her Soul For More Pain Yet To Pass,

Tear Drops Everyday On The Glass. So Many Now They Should Have Shatter All The Glass.

 With Every Teardrop She Prays, Help Me Last, Make Me As Strong As This Glass.

Hope, The Woman Kept Telling Herself .

 Be Patient She Yelled At Her Self.

Your Pain Will End Soon. Be Patient My Self, Keep Telling My Self.

Forgiveness Will Come Before The End For The Woman Who’s Been So Long By Her Self.

 Now Lying To Her Self. Looking At The Reflection Of The Crying Woman That Wont Lie.

The Woman From The Mirror Makes A Promise To Herself.

Holding On Till The Last Days Before They Come And Take All Of This Away.

 I Promise You From Behind These Windows Of Glass

Where I Have Waited For So Long For You To Come Back.

No Regret, No Looking Back.  My Love For You Has Been This Strong.

But I Can Only Fight Them One More Day,

I Can Not Stay In The Place Where You Left Me.

Did I Say You Were Worth The Wait.

One More Night I Said I Was Sorry.

Please Forgive Me Before It Is To Late.

Cheating The Woman In The Glass That Has Been Waiting With Me,

To See A Reflection Of You With Me Staring Back At Her.

Will Be Worth That Wait. Any Other Way Would Be Cheating That Woman

Who’s Waited So Long For You, Patiently Watching

Though All Of The Windows Made Of Glass For You To Come Back.

Any Other Way After Waiting So Long, Cheating That Woman Would Be Cheating Me.

Then My Reflection Will Be Gone. Don’t Wait To Long.


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