Beauty And Truth Are Lost If You Do Not Have The Courage To Hold On To It.

Hands Can Grip To Hard, Grounding What Is All Ready Yours To Dust.

 Scars To Long Ignored, Block Eyes From What’s Needed Most To Be Seen.

 Through The River Bends,

Doubt Is What Blocks The Path.

Now Lost In A Forrest.

 A Beginning, Will It Be An End.

Move Into The Light, Or Stay In The Dark.

Each Time The Path Forks.

Your Faith. Has Been My Fate, My Despair.

Willing To Lay Down The Sword For Peace.

Instead You Tie My Hands Over And Over Time And Again.

Making My Pain, My Loss, A Blazing Path Of Sorrow

Now Burning My Love And All That Could Have Been.

Taking No Risk To Find Her, Know Her Power, Her Faith.

 In The Beautiful Forest,

Truth Is What Was In Her Heart.

On A Path Where No Doors Were Ever Locked Against You.

 For When You Look Upon Her At Last.

You Will Have The Key To Free The Ghost From Your Past.

Her Beauty Now A Still Forest With Rivers Flowing Through.

 But You Sowed-Up For Yourself Dead-Ends Through

The End


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