Dear Husband

Dear Husband, This May Come As A Surprise To You.

Maybe Very
Surprised I’m Sure.

Or As You Say Truly Amazing You Will Be.

To Discover That Your Skills In Manipulations Are No Longer An Asset To You.

Despite Your Own Beliefs In Ethical And Moral Responsibility.

You’re In Fact And You Have Proven to Be Only A Liability To Yourself Indeed.

In Other Words, You Over Played Your Hand…

Cock Sucker!

So Now Recognizing That Your Just A Fat!  


Washed Up!

 Passed Your Time,

Look At You That’s Got Cash, Because He Invested
In Neglecting instead Of Protecting His Assets,

Like A Dumb Ass…

That Instead…
You Devote Yourself Quietly And Diligently

To Such Uses As Others May Find You More Suitable.

With My Up-Most Regards Being Cursed As Your Wife.

I Have Found A More Than Suitable Life…

Devoting Myself To Being Your Ex-Wife.


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