A Vacation In The Sand

You Put An End To Where I Stand.

By Cutting Me Down And Grinding Me Into The Sand.

 How Inconsiderate And Demeaning.

To Think You Can Transmit Words Of Love Though An Hourglass

That You Fill Both Sides With Sand.

A Kiss On My Face Once A Day.

I Ask For Too Much And Pray.

Only To Dream That Its Make-Believe That You Have Made Me Wake To Very Day.

You Spared No Expense To Fill My Heart With Love.

 And No Extra Cost To Cut Out The Ones You Don’t Love.

 So Save All You Can, Keep Grinding Me Down Into The Sand.

 I Know You Wont Miss Me At All.

Or Your Trips To The Sand.

Stand Against Me.

I Let You Make A Stand.

Only To Be Alone And Never See The Sand.


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